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Infography Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an Information Technology company incorporated on march 28,2017. The company has been established with the main aim to apply and leverage computing power as well as Information Technology solve the complex business, social and economic problems. The company segment’s include cognitive solution, technology services,solution and training. Since its establishment the company has been steadily moving forward to achieve its goal by applying the emerging technologies to various domain and provide unique and cost-effective solution.


Application of Machine Learning in banks and financial institutions

It is the well known fact that banks are the only financial institutions in the world that have access to huge volume of customers transaction database. Now, the time has come for the banks to make intelligent move to become early adopters of the data and analytics in their business processes and operations. It is the customary for the banks to formulate strategies,schemes and plans to engage their customers and to make their services much more effective.

Our company uses the advanced technologies and tools to help you make every single major business decisions backed by the facts -derived from data and analytics. The advanced predictive model developed by our company by ingesting and analysing the datasets using the machine learning software and analytics tools can have endless application some of them are:

– To provide real time recommendations to the customers based on their changing financial profile.

– Categorise and segment each and every customers for the target marketing and campaigns as per the client requirements.

– Fine tune each and every parameters that can affect the strategies to be implemented for the achievement for financial goals and objectives.

– Can help to control the costs by identifying the unproductive factors and schemes.

– Identify the anomalies and outliers in the transactions for the early detection of frauds




Infography Technologies is organizing 2 days ‘Data Science Workshop’ with Certification on Nepal Engineers Association, Engineers Bhawan, Pulchwok. Only limited seats are available, so book your seat today.  The participants are required to have basic knowledge of the following:
■ Basic Statistics(Mean, Median, Mode, Percentile)
■ Python Programming
Irrespective of Operating System, the participants are required to install the following, prior to attending seminar:
■ Python and python-pip
■ Sublime Text
■ Selenium and BeautifulSoup
■ Anaconda
Their session will follow the schedule mentioned below:

 First day:
1st half:
■ Automated Data Mining and Web Scraping using Selenium And Beautiful Soup
■ Preparing and cleaning Data for analysis in proper format
2nd half:
■ Introduction To Machine Learning Concept
■ Introduction to Supervised (Regression and Classification) Learning
■ Design and building Regression and Classification model
 Second Day:
1st half::
■ Feature Extraction and Preprocessing for Image and Text
■ Unsupervised Learning With K-means
2nd half:
■ Introduction to Perceptron And Artificial Intelligence
Workshop Duration: 11AM to 4PM
Price: NRs. 1000/-
Tickets will be provided on First Come First Serve basis. Tickets available at Infography Technologies, Jwagal, Lalitpur. You can book the tickets at http://www.infographytechnologies.com/Event 
Please check your email for confirmation after booking.
You will be provided with:
■ Tea and Snacks
■ Lunch
■ Participation Certificate
■ Goodies.

For any queries: info@infographytechnologies.com